The equivalent of a formal introduction

Okay, so by now you’ve likely read my first post and learned a few things about me, including:

  • I trained as a teacher.
  • I survived being a substitute and teaching middle school science for a semester.
  • I’m transgender.
  • I worked at my local natural history museum.
  • I had “top surgery” (double mastectomy) in June of 2012.
  • I work in the labs at a local university.
  • I write.
  • I play trombone.
  • I helped design a peer mentorship program for transgender youth.

Since you already know this much, I should properly introduce myself. My name is Cee Jay, but I also write it as CJ. I identify as a transgender individual, or a transman. Other terms for someone like me include “female to male” or “FtM”. Basically, while I was born with the reproductive organs and body of a female, I have always identified as a man. I began my Transition in the fall of 2007, which in my case living as a man at college. In October of 2009, I started taking testosterone. In the last four years, I’ve legally changed my name and gender, had a mastectomy, and had a hysterectomy.

While my identity as trans is a part of me, it’s not the only part. I’m a musician (flute, trombone, and singer); I will read just about anything, but prefer science fiction and fantasy; I write both fanfiction and original pieces; I love animals; and I am probably one of the biggest geeks you will ever meet (hence my avatar). My fandoms are many and varied, but include Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Sanctuary, Farscape, Firefly, M*A*S*H, Castle, Warehouse 13, Grimm, and Lost Girl.

By writing this blog, I hope to continue the ongoing de-stigmatization of the trans community. Towards that end, not all of my posts will be about life as a trans individual, although I likely will mention it often. I don’t have a firm idea of how often I will post, but will hopefully manage it at least monthly. If you have any burning questions, feel free to ask!

Until next time.


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